Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dyeing on jersey

It's Buy British Month on Cloth Nappy Addicts next week so I am frantically
trying to get things ready for that. Last week I did some dyeing on jersey for a change, and decided to create a less blended and more 'frilly' pattern than usual. Not the best pics as today it is dull and overcast and my husband broke the iron last week but here they are anyway. The colours are far deeper and fresher in real life, especially the first which is really aqua and mint! My camera does not like green!

Next week I'm doing some more, I'm aiming for darker and more gothic colours.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

CNA Cybercraft - Baking

As well as sewing and knitting, the mums on Cloth Nappy Addicts do like to bake. So we're baking most days during this week's cybercraft.

Yesterday we did family biscuit baking with Helen. We're going to swap some of these chinese orange blossom biscuits with other children :)

Today I baked a delicious chocolate cake under Kate's guidance. This rather indulgent cake has a chocolate and whipped cream centre and chocolate and butter icing, and is topped with slivers of dark chocolate. This is my first ever big cake as usually I make buns!

We're having great fun :)

Monday, 24 October 2011


We're having a family cybercraft on CNA this week and I thought I'd do a simple tutorial for making a scarf from an old tee shirt. A small child's tee might make a collar whilst an xlarge adult one might wrap round twice.

Materials needed:
A tee shirt (any size, they all give different results)
A pair of scissors (preferably fabric but kitchen scissors will do)
Optional beads and ribbons etc to decorate

Cut off the hem, sleeves and neck

Trim the armholes to straighten them and then cut inch wide strips through the fabric from the top (don't cut all the way down)

Knot strips and decorate if desired


Here's another finished item from a cheap vest which has developed holes - here the strips have been cut from the bottom to retain the picture

There are lots of different way to cut up a tee shirt to make a scarf. You could cut through one side so it can be wrapped. You might spiral a cut up the tee to give a long winding length or tie ribbons onto the cuts. Experiment with different widths and length of both tee shirt and cut strips.

Experiment and have fun!